Space Prospector

Game instructions

Computer: Left key - turn on the shunting engine - fly to the left Right key - turn on the shunting engine - fly to the right Up key - turn on the main engine - fly to the top Space key - turn on the main engine - fly to the top Mobile devices: Virtual bu

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kill all your enemies and collect your gold.
Space Prospector is a fun game where you have to fly on a jet device, search, collect and transport gems and gold coins to the base. For each gem delivered to the base you get a certain amount of points which depends on its color. Also is necessary to collect the gold coins. When delivering the gold coin to the base all previously obtained points are doubled. For points earned you can fill the ship with fuel and repair it.  The goal is to earn as many points at each level.
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    720 X 480
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    LSH Games Studio
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  • Flight
  • Gold
  • Rocket
  • Space