Graffiti Pinball

Game instructions

Use Mouse To Play and Keyboard

Similar Game

Birds to phoenix IO
Tap the screen to string beads, and two beads of the same level will synthesize more advanced beads.
A relaxing game about destroying the world! Hit the button when the green notes hit the red area.
Pik Wip
“A super cute co-op for a super sleepy Saturday” - Rachel Watts, PCGamer.com “A small recommendation for in between: Orchestrate the movements of two friends at the same time, so that they can safely reach the summit.”
Huggy Wuggy Doll
The huge blue bear Huggy Wuggy (Hugy Wugy) wants to immediately catch you in his paws and give you a proper hug! But you don’t really want this, because the cute bear has huge sharp teeth in its mouth. Therefore, collect food, eat, and try to run away from Huggy Wuggy, also do not crash into the balls, because they will slow you down for a while! Buy bombs from the store that can blow up balls that interfere nearby, as well as stun Huggy Wuggy. You can also buy a knife of rage, with it you will become invulnerable for a while, and you will also be able to cut every obstacle in your path, including the blue bear!
Merge Dragons
Slide the screen to Control the character to eat low-level Creatures
Slide the animation line to make the ball reach the end safely.
  • Ball
  • Red